Illinois Nurses Foundation

Application Type: scholarships

The INF will fund grants to registered professional nurses, advanced practice registered nurses, and nursing students to advance professional nursing practice; enhance safe, quality patient care; and promote innovative solutions.  The lead applicant (primary investigator/project manager) must be an Illinois resident. If the applicant is submitting the grant request on behalf of a healthcare or educational organization, the organization must have a presence in Illinois. For example, a multi-state hospital system must have at least one hospital or other type of institutional presence in Illinois that will participate in the project, if funded. Likewise, a nursing program in a college or university seeking funds must be located in Illinois. 

The initial request for proposals (RFP) during the first quarter of 2019 will be for small grants of up to $2000.00. This also includes seed grants of up to $500.00 for small demonstration projects or background work to enable the applicant to apply for a larger grant on the basis of the preliminary work funded by the seed grant.

The INF Grants Committee will send out an RFP each quarter for the small grants program. Later in 2019, the large grant program will be launched to offer grants of up to $10,000.00. These large grants will be solicited twice a year starting in 2020.

Funding for this new grant program comes from the funds that are generated for the Illinois Nurses Foundation by the sales of the nurse license plates in Illinois.