ANA Illinois

Application Type: abstracts

The ANA-Illinois Program Committee is seeking the best session ideas that represent Nurse Empowerment for the 2019 Professional Issues Conference.

Empowerment can be defined as the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.

Nursing today calls for active participation and leadership from all staff. Healthy teams recognize that top-down leadership is an outdated system so they must engage in a shared vision of unit ownership by utilizing bottom-up unit champions.

Nurses have always had the power of caring and power is necessary to be able to influence. Nurses demonstrate the ability to get things done by mobilizing resources and by providing support and information to patients and peers. Still, many nurses say that they feel powerless to speak up and this leads to job dissatisfaction, stress and burnout.

Empowerment isn’t something to be bestowed, not a privilege, but a professional necessity.

After attending this program, we wish the participants to be able to describe various ways nurses can serve as champions to empower other nurses, to be confident in their own power and to speak out to make their voices heard.

Please submit your topic ideas/ proposals that represent:

• Nurse Advancement

• Nurse manager’s leadership and support

• Healthy workplace

• Strategies that support shared governance

• Structural Empowerment